I managed to participate to the second meeting of the AWS User Group Ticino in Lugano, Switzerland.

Lugano, Switzerland

I was very happy, because I couldn’t be in the first meeting and had to connect remotely, limiting my interaction with the new group.


As special guest, we also had Simone Merlini, one of the organizers of the AWS User Group Italy.


Daniele Madama and Paolo Latella, the organizers, welcomed the people and introduced the agenda.

DSCF0086 DSCF0088 DSCF5032

Paolo also talked about the importance of managing the Infrastructure as Code, giving examples with AWS Cloudformation and Ansible.


I talked about Amazon Aurora, new relational database engine, and how to build a server-less event-driven backend using AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway (with some help from Amazon Cognito, too).


Here are my decks, any feedback is welcome:

Amazon Aurora: Amazon’s New Relational Database Engine from Danilo Poccia
Build a Server-less Event-driven Backend with AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway from Danilo Poccia